For our loyal customers!

For the customers of salary project we offer a short-term loan, by the current account which is secured simply by the salary card.

Overdraft - is a way to make a payment if there is no enough money. Customer decides himself how much to use, and the most important point is that interest is determined only by the accrued amount.

  • The amount of the loan you can use is 80%  of your salary.
  • Overdraft Interest Rate- 18%
  • Currency- Gel
  • Overdraft Term- Up to 12 months
  • The minimum ammount of salary- 500Gel


Contact : call centre: +995 32 2 29 22 22 or welcome to our office :Bochorma str.18; Tbilisi.

Our experts will inform you with all important information .

currency rates

  Buy Sell Rate
2.4000 2.4700 2.4256
2.6500 2.7700 2.7130
3.0600 3.1900 3.1150
1.0100 1.5300 1.4353
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