Cash Operations

The IBA-Georgia provides services for the opening and operation of bank accounts for individuals in Georgian lari and foreign currency.
The bank account allows the customer to efficiently and effectively manage available resources and undertake a range of banking operations:

  •  Internal transfer;
  •  National and International transfers to other banks;
  •  Add amount on account;
  •  Cash withdrawal from account;
  •  Conversion between your accounts;
  •  Utility payment
  •  Receive deposit interest
  •  Other operations that do not contradict the legislation




To open the bank account, client needs:
• An identity document;
• Complete an application for opening of the account;
• Conclude the Account Agreement with the Bank
Cash Operations:

  •    Opening a current account in national or foreign currency;
  •    Fulfillment of payments;
  •    Operations on money conversion;
  •    Search and return of stolen money;
  •    Urgent transfers without opening an account;
  •    Distant operations through the e-mail system "Bank-Client";
  •    Service of the bank cheques.

currency rates

  Buy Sell Rate
2.4200 2.4800 2.4417
2.8000 2.9200 2.8436
3.1400 3.2600 3.1813
1.2500 1.6000 1.4401
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