Child Deposit


  • Child Deposit can be opened in the name of the kid;
  • Child Deposit can be activated in the following currencies: GEL, USD.
  • The min. limit of the first deposit: 250 GEL,100 USD.
  • The max. limit of the deposit: 1 250 000 GEL,  500 000 USD;
  • Each next input can be added based on a concrete decision;
  • The time of the deposit: min. 2 years, max. up to 18 years;
  • Accrued interest rate income is issued upon the expiration of the deposit time;
  • The depositor of the account is considered an individual or individuals who have opened the account in favor of the kid until he reaches 18 years;
  • In case of the violation of the terms of Child Deposit agreement, the interest rate for the violation year is not accrued;
  • The current account  in the “International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia” is requierd,  in order to open the deposit;
  • The following documents are to be presented to open the Children Deposit – ID of the individual who opens the deposit and Birth Certificate of the kid.

Interest Rates:

Currency %
GEL 5.50%
USD 1.25%


  • Opening of the Child Deposit: no charge;
  • Allocation of the sum of money on the Children Deposit and its further withdrawal: no charge;
  • Withdrawal o the interest rate income accrued on Children Deposit: no charge.

currency rates

  Buy Sell Rate
2.4200 2.4800 2.4578
2.7800 2.9000 2.8597
3.1700 3.3300 3.2659
1.2500 1.6000 1.4463
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